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Monday, October 19th, 2009

Back in May 2005, we set out to thruhike the PCT for the first time.  We’d dreamed of doing it for years, but when Bill finally retired, we figured, “Let’s do this before we get too old.”  So at ages 65 and 57, we started out from Campo, and walked into the adventure of a lifetime.  Along the way we earned the trail names “Safari Bill” and “Apple”, and we made it–2,650 miles in 5 months.  When we got home, we said to each other, “That was awesome!  Let’s do it again in 2010!”

And so we are.

People thought we were crazy the first time we did the PCT.  Now they think we are REALLY crazy for wanting to do it again.  Here’s how we see it…

Thruhiking the PCT gave us strength, of both body and mind, and it has stayed with us ever since.  We are actually stronger now than when we started at Campo five years ago.  Being strong is a really good feeling!

Hiking the PCT is a new adventure every day.  It may be hot, cold, raining, snowing, or gorgeous.  It may be a day of laughter or of terror, of frustration or joy, but it is always an adventure.  We were never bored!

It was a delight beyond words for us to see God provide for our needs.  We love, follow, and serve Jesus Christ–but back home in “civilization” there is very little opportunity to literally see God take care of us.  We learned on the PCT to expect His impeccable timing to take care of everything we needed.  Call it “trail magic” if you want–we call it “trail blessings” and we like to give Him the credit.

The PCT is a fantastic, gorgeous trail.  There is so much variety, so much beauty, so much challenge (and reward).  We look forward to experiencing it all again.

We figure 2005 was our shakedown cruise.  THIS TIME, we want to see if we can make it in 4 months instead of 5.  We want to see if we can hike straight through instead of having to flip ‘n flop like we did in 2005, when the Sierras had 200% of normal snowfall and it was too dangerous for older people like us to try to make it through.

Since 2005, we’ve done more long hikes, and earned new trail names: “The 3rd Monty” (Monty) and “White Beard” (Bill).  This time, we will be 70 and 62 years old.  Go, geezers!  Stay tuned as we update you on our preparations for “Do It Again in 2010!”