Welcome to the blog from our 2005
thruhike of the Pacific Crest Trail!

We made it all the way from Mexico to Canada-but with a bit of "flipflop" due to the 200% of normal snowfall in the Sierras all melting at once and making conditions too dangerous for older people like ourselves to tackle. Hey, no problem-even though we had lots of "fun" getting lost in the unseasonably late snows up in Oregon when we skipped up to Ashland from Tehachapi, we had a great time!

We reached Canada at the beginning of August, then skipped back to Tehachapi and went straight on north back to Ashland, where we finished the PCT in October.

We loved every day of our adventure-in fact when we were done, we said, "Let's do it again in 2010!" And so we are.

But if you'd like to read the tale of our 2005 adventure,
here's a link to the beginning of our trip:

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